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Speaking with Andrea Mitchell on MSNBC on Monday about climate change, California Governor Jerry Brown consistently ratcheted up his attack on President Trump, first saying he was not normal, then calling him an “enabler of climate negligence” and “saboteur,” and finally snapping, “Something’s got to happen to this guy, because if we don’t get rid of him, he’s going to undermine America and even the world.”

Mitchell stated, “We’re in the midst of hurricanes, and the aftermath of hurricanes, and you still have the President of the United States denying the science of climate change. How do you counteract that?”

The article goes on to state the following:

Brown replied, “Firs,t I want to say that it’s really extraordinary that the president can deny science like that, but he’s done so many other terr—what’s the word, I don’t even have an adjective. It’s bad, and how we counteract it is with a climate summit, with normal people respecting the truth, and communicating that with other normal people, and combating the President of the United States in what are lies, distortions, and quite frankly, bizarre behavior.”

Mitchell pointed out that President Trump’s decision to exit the Paris climate change agreement does not become official and binding until 2020. She asked what the international impact was from Trump walking away from the agreement.

Brown responded, “Trump is an enabler. We often hear the term ‘enabler.’ He’s an enabler of climate negligence and climate avoidance. So that’s what’s bad about it. So we have to make sure that all these other countries, whether it’s Russia, or Poland, or South America, Brazil, whatever the heck it is, everybody’s gotta step up, and the President of the United States should be the cheerleader, the exemplar, and instead, he’s the saboteur.”

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  1. YES, Moonbeam is right there is climate change! Our climate changes from cold to hot EVERY year. We have winter, spring, summer & fall. Granted some places only have winter and summer but our climate does change.

    There is also that saying “tell a lie often enough and people will believe it is the truth” that is what has happened with the global warming now climate change agenda. The scientists spread it out there and the media thought it was a wonderful idea, then you got Gore out there spreading the false science and that really got the media excited. So the lie was spread, pushed and screamed for years and now it is believed by millions.

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