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In a surreal scene that could have been choreographed by a Hollywood comedy writer, a woman opens the back of a Ford Explorer and helps a young girl exit – from a small pet kennel where she’d been latched in. Only this is no joke.

The woman in the viral video, Leimome Cheeks, 62, was charged Sunday with two counts of child endangerment after a bystander videoed her unlatching two grandchildren from pet kennels.

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“Leimome Cheeks was interviewed and admitted to riding from Whitehaven to Collierville with the children in the kennel,” a police affidavit says. “Cheeks further advised they also drove downtown, however she checked on the children periodically and later removed them from the kennel and put them in the rear seats of her vehicle.”

According to the affidavit, Cheeks said “there was no room inside the vehicle earlier in the day,” so she “told them to get inside the kennel.”

Leimome Cheeks

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