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Swedish teen environmental activist Greta Thunberg says President Biden isn’t doing enough to “treat the climate crisis like a crisis,” accusing him of being “not nearly enough in line with the science” on the issue.

The 18-year-old Thunberg — known for holding world leaders’ feet to the fire on their environmental policies — was asked during an appearance on MSNBC Sunday night to grade Biden, whom she endorsed, on how his administration is handling climate change.​

The article goes on to state the following:

“​Well, you shouldn’t take that from me, I’m just a teenager, so I’m not — I don’t have the mandate to sort of give grades like that. My opinions on this doesn’t matter​,” Thunberg began.

“​​You should rather look at the science and whether his policies are in line with the Paris agreements and to stay below 1.5 or even 2 degrees Celsius, and then you can clearly see that, no, it’s not nearly enough in line with the science. That’s not me saying, that’s just black and white, looking at the facts​,” she said.

“I would just like you to basically just treat the climate crisis like a crisis. They have said themselves that this is an existential threat,” Thunberg added.


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  1. I’ve been studying climate since the 70s how long has she been studying it. I see nothing but changing opinions and and excuses.

  2. unbelievable she has no education or knowledge about science and climate change ..i wish someone will burry her under 6 feet because under 6 feet totally agrees the climate change 6 feet under..

  3. Who is encouraging her to say these things? Is that Uncle George? She is way too young and ignorant to even have an opinion!! It keeps money in her pocket!! Thanks UNCLE!

  4. Climate change has nothing to do with the weather. Climate change has to do with changing of government throughout the world.

  5. This girl is the face of the biggest lie the the deep state has ever come up with co2 is not a problem if society did there home work they would know they have been scammed by the brain washed brat .the world is getting green and a green earth is a good thing trees ,plants need co2 to survive without plants we die if anything we need more co2 someone please think for your selves .It a money grab and power grap

  6. Really does anyone really care what this snot nose pimple face little Twit thinks? Maybe it’s just me but if people would just stop reporting about her maybe she would go away, she’s the future Bill Gates, she’s a nobody that a few are building up to be something their not, in another ten to fifteen years this Twit will be creating something that will kill Americans just like Gates, no education in the field but they’ve been built up so much they’ll give them the power, I mean really why is anyone paying any attention to this child? I’d rather listen to a five year old then this thing.

  7. greta STFU and stay the hell OUT of America’s business. When you become a rocket scientist, then you can speak. Until then, STFU and eat your fruit loops and milk. Just a tiny twatwaffle trying to interrupt adults. Get lost kid and stay in your age group.

  8. She is nothing but an International domestic violence terriost! She should be arrested for inciting violence by foreign country!


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