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Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn, took heat on Friday in a Democratic primary debate that saw two primary rivals attack her record in Congress, and question whether she is the “nightmare” she claims to be for President Trump.

“Her quote is she’s Trump’s ‘worst nightmare,’ but really in actuality, in many ways she’s Trump’s best dream,” primary challenger John Mason said in a WCCO radio debate, “And Trump is a racist, but really the only one benefiting from Omar is Omar in lots of things.”

The article goes on to state the following:

The virtual debate took place between Omar, Mason and Antone Melton-Meaux ahead of the Minnesota 5th Congressional District’s Aug. 11 primary.

WCCO reports that Mason claims to hold true Midwestern values.

“I know people of the 5th want to be part of a more united Minnesota,” Mason said. “When we have controversy on one end and big money on the other. We need someone in the middle.”

Melton-Meaux said he has  “a calling to solve big problems.”

“The toxic nature of Washington won’t end, and I have the right experience and capability to get things done.”

Omar claimed that she doesn’t “have the support of people because they like me.  I have their support because I get things done.”

Melton-Meaux said, “I’m very proud of the support we’ve gotten from this district.  It’s hypocritical for the Representative (Omar) when she gets a significant amount of money from out-of-state.  Most importantly, we have 1,700 individual givers in this district which is more than Omar or Mason.  We have momentum and people can see that.”

Mason responded, “That was a very good spin by Antone, and I don’t believe it.  As an openly gay black man, I’m very aware of where these donations, and dark money, comes from.  Many of them are xenophobic, anti-Muslim, and very homophobic.  I feel like Antone has sold us out.”

Omar lashed back, “I appreciate John Mason and what he said.  The Republican running in this district has raised more money than anyone has raised collectively.  That money is based on that chant from the president and supporters to send me back to where I came from.  They would support Mickey Mouse if he was running against me.  They are invested in creating a toxic environment.”

Omar also defended her husband’s financial gain from agency money.

“I don’t pay my husband,” she said. “I pay the firm to do work.  That money is an example of that work.  They carry out the contractual work we do with other vendors, to do mailings, to do ads, digital work, and fundraising work.”


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  1. Omar is a disaster waiting to happen and should NEVER have been put into office….her winning just proves how stupid some people are.

  2. Ilhan Omar needs to be investigated for fraud. She married her brother to get him into the US. They both got a free education on the taxpayers dollars and now she is funneling money into her bank account with her husband from donors. And she hates the US. How she got elected is beyond comprehension.

  3. yes you are you paying your 4 or fifth husband to hit your sink hole . ruined some one marriage and the worst thing his son nothing to be proud the word daddy everyday.. mom daddy home ..

  4. you deserves this big sink hole Omar to send her back where she came just bring a big bad luck in your community and brainwashing all immigrants to come in this country and fighting back against the government how hypocrite you are .american really hates to see you packing face especially wearing that jihad in your brain instead that jihad in the middle of your two legs..


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