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Ivanka Trump on Monday said the U.S. is “united in its grief” at the death of the late Sen. John McCain, praising him as a “true hero” even as President Trump has remained largely silent on the Senate giant’s passing.

“As we gather here today, I want to extend my deepest sympathies to the family of Senator John McCain, an American patriot who served our country with distinction for more than six decades,” Trump, the daughter of the president and a White House adviser, said during opening remarks at a meeting of the Organization of American States in Washington, D.C.

The article goes on to state the following:

“The nation is united in its grief, and the world mourns the loss of a true hero and a great statesman,” she added.

Ivanka Trump’s comments posed a sharp contrast to her father, who ignored shouted questions about McCain on multiple occasions on Monday. The president has yet to issue a proclamation or official statement on McCain’s death.

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  1. it’s gratifying to know that Ivanka and Melanea have expressed proper condolences on Senator McCain’s death. Though I like most of what Trump is doing for the country, I can’t stand his bulliness and never stating his mistakes which McCain was well known for. He stated what a “good man” Menafort is but not a word on the decency and heroism of McCain. Shame!

  2. The man was no hero!! If you do just a little research on John McCain’s terrible performance in the Navy, you wouldn’t write what you did Marilyn.

  3. McCain made it crystal clear he did not want Trump getting involved in his death, McCain released an official statement to that effect when he was still alive..

    Neither McCain, nor the main stream media, can have it both ways.

    Fake News.

  4. Laurie and Rick,

    You are right, but most of the country doesn’t know about this. so, you have to be more careful when you introduce this issue. And, certainly, to McCain’s family your comments would be out of place. Pres Trump should be aware of all this and phrase his words differently, as there’s NO benefit for anyone in attacking McCain at the moment. And I’m a BIG Trump fan, even though he wasn’t my favorite candidate.

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