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Out-of-work Americans in Florida filed a lawsuit against Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis on Monday seeking to reinstate a pandemic relief program that paid out an extra $300 a week in unemployment benefits.

In a complaint filed late Sunday on behalf of 10 unemployed Floridians, three attorneys – Gautier Kitchen, Marie Mattox and Scott Behren – argued that DeSantis, as well as the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity and its director Dane Eagle, violated their “clear legal and statutory duty to secure such benefits for employees” by prematurely ending the benefits.

The article goes on to state the following:

The attorneys are requesting an emergency injunction to force Florida to reinstate the $300 a week benefit until the case is decided, as well as provide four weeks of retroactive benefits.

“The unemployed of Florida need these benefits to pay basic living expenses such as rent, utilities, food and medicine,” the suit said.

“Each of the plaintiffs have suffered economic hardships because of COVID, have had difficulty finding work and now with the discontinuation of the FPUC face even more pressing financial hardships,” the lawsuit said.

According to the article, other states have received similar lawsuits such as Indiana, Texas and Maryland from residents because of the early termination of the program. In Indiana and Maryland, state judges have ruled that the residents must continue to receive money from the program.

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  1. Get off your butts and get back to work, we should not continue to support these idiots. There are plenty of businesses out there who need help!

  2. Get a job losers. You should have thought of that before you quit your job. Nobody cares if you can pay your bills or not, simply because we don’t want to pay you to stay home when WE ARE WORKING!

  3. There are lots of jobs out there so get off of unemployment and work. The extra $300 was to help during shut downs not now. Stop being lazy and get a job.

    • It should have stopped on that date, President Trump, miss him so much, put that in place b4 being cheated out of his job but Brainless extended it when he was installed in OUR White House!

  4. The nerve of these lazy idiots screaming about this!!!! It takes all kinds but this is absolutely ridiculous! We see businesses begging people to go back to work but nooooo….as long as they get this money for free…..why work? Lazy useful idiots! Praise God I was raised better than that!

  5. Move to NY losers! You can’t have it all, either work in the Sunshine State or go sit on your ass in NYC. You disgust me!

  6. There are literally more open jobs in Texas than people on unemployment. If you don’t have a job you don’t want a job…or you are unemployable based on your work or personal history.

  7. How can the lawyers even think of taking these lawsuits? This is total BS, there are plenty of jobs out there GET OFF YOUR LAZY ASS AND WORK FOR YOUR $$…

  8. Drive anywhere in FL and there are help wanted signs everywhere! Many have upped the hourly pay and bonuses to sign on. LAZY is the word for these people. I travelled thru GA up to NC and help wanted signs everywhere. Many state hourly pay and bonuses to sign on, also. In this town in the mountains a car wash service states a $300 bonus plus up hourly wage and tips. Car wash service is closed because cant get workers.

  9. Well… they may not get the exact job they want, but that doesn’t mean they can’t get a job. They’re just being lazy and wanting more free to them money. Wake up – all of the working citizens are funding that money.

    Get a job and stop whining. And disbar those greedy, opportunistic “lawyers.”

  10. 1st: Anywhere you go, “help wanted” are EVERYWHERE! Lazy imbeciles. 2nd: These attorneys need to pound sand or be hunted down like the scoundrels that they are.

    • This sounds as ridiculous as those Texas Demorats requesting donations & care pkgs from people!! This Nation is showing less & less of what ethics & hard work is all about. Those Dems act more like Jr High Students, grow the hell up all of you!! The help wanted signs are everywhere! Looking for all kinds of jobs to be filled, all shifts needed so why does the government need to give out that 300- check?? Maybe I’m missing something or it could be that you all are!

  11. Go get a job! Stop wasting our court system with bogus law suits. There helped wanted signs everywhere, so GO GET A JOB! Or, move out of Florida and go drain the system elsewhere.

  12. WOW WHAT A BUNCH OF LAZY PEOPLE! GET YOUR BUTT OUT AND GET A JOB. What are you people teaching your kids? How to be lazy and live off the government? Nothing to be proud of that’s for sure.

  13. There are signs everywhere you look wanting workers. It may not be the job you want but you can’t say there aren’t plenty of jobs available.


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