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Joy Behar backpedaled Wednesday after calling for Fox News host Tucker Carlson to be “tied up and put in a corner somewhere,” insisting that she did not advocate violence of any kind.

Behar, who joined her “The View” cohost Sunny Hostin in mocking Carlson, suggested that he needed to be sent somewhere “so we never hear from him again.”

The article goes on to state the following:


Both Behar and Sunny Hostin went on a tirade against Carlson’s alleged downplaying of the Capitol riot before Behar angrily stated that the conservative pundit should be sent somewhere “so we never hear from him again.”

“You have Tucker Carlson on television last night saying that there was no evidence of white supremacists at the riot. Well, the evidence was clear at the riot, at the insurrection,” Hostin stating accusingly, using Confederate flags and a black police officer as political props for her animosity towards Carlson.

“I was disgusted by what Tucker Carlson said. How dare he say there was no evidence of white supremacy there? There was evidence everywhere,” Hostin added, without citing evidence.

Right at the end of the segment, a worried-sounding Behar oddly interrupted Whoopi Goldberg’s monologue to make a correction and walk back her statements on Tucker Carlson indicating that she thought it could be interpreted as somehow violent in nature.

“I do not mean to imply that anything harmful should happen to Tucker Carlson,” she said. “I just want him to stop saying stupid things. That’s all. So let me just get that straight. I don’t want to be perceived as someone who is violent in any way. I’m not.”

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  1. Like she never says stupid stuff! That is the pot calling the kettle black!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  2. I find it incredible that these 4 bitches even have a show considering some of the hateful crap that comes out of their mouths!!!

  3. Don’t know how that show remains on ABC. They are so nasty if you don’t agree with them. All liberal idiots, except Megan McCain.

  4. One of the “insurectionists” was a black man, who sold the videos he took inside the Capitol to NBC & ABC news. The attack has been found to have been preplanned by leftists. Why doesn’t this bitch know that? Why is the MSM getting away with the blatant bias they’re getting by with? I’m sick of it & hope one day someone stands up & slaps the shit out of Joy. Her TDS has been out of control for over 5 years!!!

  5. Their show shouldn’t be called the view. It should be called the sidewinder show because of all the hateful venom they spew out of their mouths!

  6. I have NEVER watched the View , but some of the things they say is horrible. I personally say take them off the air I promise they want be missed

  7. This whole show is a joke! I hate to say this but these women never ever say anything positive. They are all angry and think they are the smartest women on the planet. They are NOT!

  8. Once upon a time, Joy was funny. Oh, but Barbara Walters was there. Now she has turned to the dark side over the last multiple years. I pray for her soul.

  9. She’s a total ass. No one gives a crap what she thinks. She just jealous because Tucker is wayyyyyyy smarter than that vile woman

  10. Wow!!! You rarely see someone so offended by the truth.

    Not to take anything away from Trump, but it may not be Trump Derangement as much as it is Truth Derangement. Either way these people are really sick. In a bad way.

  11. Joy Beher is a evil women. She absolutely would love to see him disappear. Your evidence shows Marxist was there and Antifa along with BLM and every last one of them would call you any name under the sun. Yes there were Patriot’s there also some did in engage but they were few so look at your evidence again oh wait the evidence is what you hateful evil people say it is

  12. Why hasn’t she been censored yet? Oh yeah, I forgot.. she’s a liberal. They’re not subject to the same rules as everyone else. Smh

  13. Can’t expect any better from these pigs, I mean really the only thing that would make these pigs any happier is if every Trump supporter suffered a slow and Agonizing death, that’s all they have that gives them pleasure is all the hate that is rotting them from the inside out but I’m guessing they know nothing about karma, well it’s right around the corner waiting for ever evil DEMONRAT and the day it bites them in the azzz we will give it a standing ovation, I myself can’t wait till it happens and what their wishing for us I wish a hundred times for them, I’m a Republican that’s reached her breaking point and that’s something nobody want to see and it’s ugly but not as ugly as they are, God bless each and of us that love God, our family, country and the one and only President Trump 💖💖💖💖

  14. I laughed when that one winnable said,
    “How dare he say there was no evidence!”. What about when they CONSTANTLY told us that there was no voter fraud!! The Democrats are STILL saying that! Hypocrites!!!
    They all make me want to vomit. Especially Joy. 🤮


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