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As the most reliable and balanced news aggregation service on the internet, DML News offers the following information published by WASHINGTONEXAMINER.COM:

Former Trump campaign spokeswoman Katrina Pierson says she was only placating fired White House staffer Omarosa Manigault Newman by confirming President Trump had previously said the “N-word.”

“During the 2016 campaign, we heard rumors about an alleged tape from ‘The Apprentice.’ It’s clear now that those rumors were always being circulated by Omarosa and her alone,” Pierson said in a statement.

“In her secret tape recording of me, it was one of many times that I would placate Omarosa to move the discussion along because I was weary of her obsession over this alleged tape,” the statement continued.

The article goes on to state the following:

Manigault Newman released a conversation she recorded to CBS News on Tuesday which she says supports her claim that she discussed Trump’s alleged use of the racial slur with Pierson and Lynne Patton, though the quotes alone don’t specify what exactly the staffers are discussing.

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  1. Oh so what!!!! When will these people give it a rest? I just wonder who’s payroll she’s on now….If one thing doesn’t work out to try to boot our president, then something else pops up…then when that doesn’t work, they come up with something else….Good grief people…can you imagine trying to run a country, watch out for our interests abroad, keep security levels tight, etc. etc. etc. etc…..and then having to continually look over your shoulder for who is going to attack you next? People who live in this country, people who actually had worked for the W.H….people who our president actually trusted (at one time)….Can you imagine having to deal with all that along with fighting some in congress on a daily basis just because they hate you? And why? Because they know their dirty little secrets are all going to come out…so what better way to get rid of the very person who has their finger on the switch? Discredit him, undermine him, spread rumors and innuendos….I’ll bet most of the loony liberals would have major bleeding ulcers by now.

  2. Great comment, Patty. Isn’t it wonderful that even after employees leave the Trump cabinet, most of them still love him, still have his back, still want him to succeed like we all should.

  3. Her TRUE colors are shining through as the Cyndi Lauper song says. She had such a great thing going and for what??????It really bugs me that she wears her cross necklace and acts in this fashion…SHAME ON YOU OMAROSA…….SHAME ON YOU. Little Ms. Thang is going down.

  4. Who cares. I chose my President for his leadership qualities and for putting America first. I used to work with professional men and their language was not always becoming either. I did no lose sleep over it. I learned the N-word when I heard African Americans call each other the N-word, but I guess that is permissible.

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