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Protesters threw a Brett Kavanaugh “confirmation kegger” outside Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s (R-Ky.) house in Washington on Friday ahead of the vote on the Supreme Court nominee.

The anti-Kavanaugh protesters can be seen on videos clutching Pabst Blue Ribbon cans, red Solo cups and posters as they marched toward McConnell’s home.

The article goes on to state the following:

“Essentially, we just think he’s a frat boy,” protest organizer Jennifer Flynn Walker told HuffPost by phone of Kavanaugh.

“We had a Kavanaugh confirmation kegger and we had some beer and red Solo party cups,” said Walker, director of mobilization and advocacy at the Center for Popular Democracy. “We had some sunglasses and celebrated Beach Week, Georgetown Prep Beach Week. We yelled ‘beer’ and ‘chug’ and then we stopped.”

Demonstrators then picked up their garbage because “we don’t litter,” Walker added.

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  1. Ford is a liar. She lied about being afraid to fly, but has flown many times. She lied about the front door.
    She said in 2012, she had another front door installed to make her feel safer. She lied, in 2008 she had a
    front door installed for a separate entrance to a rental unit. She lied about the Polygraph. Said she was never involved with it four times. But she coached someone on how to take it. She told Feinstein she had seen or talked to no one before sending letter. She lied. She called the News before mailing her letter. The etter was held 30 days before Ford came out Public. Her dates, times have changed numerous times. The report from Mitchell states that FORD WAS NOT CREDITABLE IN HER TESTIMONY She lied numerous times.

    • You will never convince the liberals of that, they are all about lies, denying, hating and resisting everything President Trump does and that’s why they are protesting Kavanaugh is because he was Trumps pick for Scotus! These protesters are wasting their time just like they are wasting their time protesting President Trump also, he is our President and Kavanaugh will be confirmed to The Supreme Court and they need to deal with it because no amount of protesting or rioting is going to change any of that! The people of our country know now how corrupt and disgraceful the Democrats are and quite frankly they are not even phased by the protests that go on everyday because it is getting real old. The only thing these liberal hating protesters are doing is making things worse for their Democrat party and showing this country that they are all about violence and hate and disrespect for our President and thousands upon thousands are walking away from the Democrat party even more so now because of what the Democrats did to try and destroy and slander a wonderful man with an impeccable record, flawless record and put his family through hell when there is no proof what so ever of sexual abuse to Christine by Kavanaugh but now new evidence is coming out now that Christine really was paid by the Democrats to lie about Kavanaugh and it is just a matter of time before she gets exposed of her lies and being payed to lie! I see prison in the future for this woman because she perjured her self with lies and being payed and ruining a good mans reputation! I would hope that Kavanaugh sues the pants off of everyone who slandered him, the Democrats, Christine Ford and her lawyers and anyone else involved in this sham but knowing the good, forgiving and Christian man that Kavanaugh is he won’t sue but would forgive these demons instead and pray for them!

  2. These protesters are a perfect example of their lack of respect, lack of intellegence, and lack of morals! They will stoop as low as low can go! They talk of tolerance, free speech, women’s rights, and acceptance! They know nothing about any of that! They are no more then bullies and thugs. Spreading lies and slandering a man’s good name & reputation based on lies…They act like spoiled rotten, fit throwing 3 year olds not getting their way. I’m sure they make their parents proud! Oh wait, they probably do, if they were raised the way of this kind of behavior and never disciplined! Never having consequences! Should be jailed!

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