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Tiesha Davis, a single, working mom of three, thought she had found a suitable apartment for her young family. But the home turned into a major stress test when her landlord told her he wasn’t going to renew her lease.

The reason: She didn’t provide her landlord with an ultrasound image of the child she was carrying.

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She signed her rental agreement on Sept. 26, 2017. She was four months pregnant at the time.

About four months later, on Jan. 11, Jose Galindo, the assistant property manager at Sorrento Rental Community in Miramar, a privately owned affordable housing complex, told Davis, 26, he wasn’t going to renew her 12-month lease because she hadn’t disclosed her pregnancy or provided an ultrasound photo, according to a lawsuit filed in federal court in Fort Lauderdale on April 3. The project was financed, in part, by tax dollars.

The Miami Herald also reported:

“During such time Ms. Davis was noticeably pregnant, to the extent that Mr. Galindo insisted that she sit in the front seat of the golf cart when he was driving her through the property,” the suit says. But in January, according to the complaint, Galindo asked Davis if she was pregnant, after monthly pest control visits and an inspection of her apartment turned up baby goods in her closet.

Galindo, the suit alleges, stated that Davis should have let them know that she was pregnant in her application, that she had to check a box, and that she was required to show them a letter from her doctor and an ultrasound at the time of the tenancy.”

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