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DML News brings you the following from FOX NEWS:

Laura Ingraham took on presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden Wednesday, saying the former vice president’s plan for handling the coronavirus pandemic would only make matters worse.

“Yesterday, [Biden] tried to show us that he’d be more hands on regarding the pandemic, offering never-before-heard solutions like ‘appoint a commanding COVID officer’ or he’d ‘help small businesses.’ Oh, wait, didn’t Trump already do that?” Ingraham said. “Try again, Joe. Well, of course, we know, regardless of what he says, the only big thing that poor old Joe would do differently are the lockdowns.”

“In other words, he’d mandate a national shelter-in-place order, which, of course, would push us toward a socialist cliff,” Ingraham said. “And, over time, it would end up killing more people than it would save.”


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  1. Biden is making promises that Democrats will never keep. Obama while in Illinois did absolutely nothing as he did in his 8 years as president. Every time elections roll around they make promises but in reality they never follow through. They are the lying, deceitful group of manipulation.


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