On Monday evening, President Donald J. Trump announced his pick for the next Justice for the Supreme Court: Brett Kavanaugh.

According to reports, Kavanaugh is an “influential conservative” appellate court judge. He’s described as a “committed conservative” who would likely “alter the balance” of the Supreme Court. At 53, he would likely sit on the court for decades.

Fox News reports that the “3 things to know about Kavanaugh are:

  • He worked on the investigation that led to President Clinton’s impeachment
  • It’s unclear how Kavanaugh would rule on abortion
  • He has close ties to the Bush family

Liberals quickly took to the steps of the Supreme Court with ready-made signs to announce their campaign of resistance against the nominee (see video below). They also took to Twitter with their woes (examples follow).

DML News CEO Dennis Michael Lynch weighed in on Twitter, responding both to the White House’s announcement and the liberal backlash.

Lynch tweeted: You could have picked Jesus, Allah or Budda and the press would attack you regardless. That said, Kav not my first pick, nor my second, probably not my third either, but considering who @HillaryClinton would have chosen, I feel a sense of happy.