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Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey announced this week that mandatory placards detailing immigrants’ rights will be displayed in police squad cars, and now some officers are pushing back.

The signs will be in both English and Spanish, and will be displayed in all of the city’s squad cars.

The article goes on to state the following:

“Right now, cities have to step up and do what our federal administration and Congress won’t,” Frey said at a press conference Wednesday. “We will not let this lack of compassion at the highest levels of our government prevent us from doing what is right for our immigrant communities here in Minneapolis.”

“They will make it clear that you don’t have to answer questions about where you were born, your immigration status, whether you are a citizen and that you have the right to remain silent,” he explained.

Lt. Bob Kroll, president of the Police Officers Federation of Minneapolis, said on “Fox & Friends First” Friday that this is an example of city leaders’ “extreme, left-wing politics.”

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  1. Minneapolis is another city who’s mayor is more concerned about illegials than it is about Americans, what the hell is wrong with the people who vote for asshate like this

  2. If you are in this country illegally, exactly what “rights” are you supposed to have? I don’t know where all this compassion for illegals has come from…but I can tell you one thing I do know. The immigrants who live in this country legally, who have obtained their citizenship, are disgusted. And to defy our ICE agents is against federal law. Why these communities continue to pay more attention to these illegals than their own citizens still astounds me. Where are the citizens who live in these communities? And what about all these families who have lost a loved one to an illegal?…Illegals who have been deported, but came back into the country…!!! This is NOT acceptable on any level….They know they are here illegally and now we’ve got these idiots who want to protect them…from what? Being deported back, because they came across the border illegally……Ignorance can get you killed.

  3. Illegals do not have rights under our constitution. The word ILLEGAL says it all, look up the definition liberals and see what that word means. They are not undocumented, they are illegal if they do not have the proper paperwork. No other country in the world would give an illegal person any preferential treatment why are we supposed to? I won’t.

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