VIDEO: Media critic says Obama’s actions against press much worse

On CNN’s “Reliable Sources,” which aired on Sunday morning, media critic David Zurawik stated that President Trump‘s verbal attacks on the press may seem bad. However, he contends former President Obama took actions against the press that were much worse.

According to Zurawik, the press’s reaction to Trump has been approaching “hysterical” in suggesting that this is the “worst war on the press ever.” He notes Trump is so far the lesser of the two because “he hasn’t even done what Obama’s done” yet.

Host Brian Stelter voiced his concern about Trump’s rhetoric, such as how he referred to press outlets as the “enemy of the people.”

While making it clear that he was not defending President Trump, Zurawik still insisted that “actions are what matter,” bringing up the Obama administration’s treatment of journalists James Rosen and James Risen and saying those actions were “far worse.”

Watch the interview below:

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