Mom pulls gun on another mom at elementary school

The drop-off lane at a Houston elementary school was the scene of a scary altercation between moms on Thursday morning when one of the women pulled out her gun and began making threats.

Children in both cars watched as the moms faced off, according to witnesses who said that the fight started after one of the moms “criticized the way the other mom was driving in a school zone.”

The gun wasn’t fired, no one was hurt, and no charges were filed, but Deer Park Elementary School principal Lisa McLaughlin sent a letter on Thursday to notify parents of the incident, according to ABC13 News.

“I’m writing to inform you of an incident involving two parents that took place in the drop-off lane at Deer Park Elementary this morning. As students were being dropped off before school this morning, the two parents were involved in a disagreement. The confrontation escalated, ending with one parent pointing a firearm at the other. Other parents witnessed the disagreement, and the police were contacted and quickly arrived on the scene,” wrote McLaughlin.

She added, “At one time or another, we’ve all experienced frustration while driving. But, as our students know all too well, it’s never a good idea to react when emotions are high. My hope is that we can all look at what happened this morning and reconsider how we deal with disagreements and anger in our lives.”


H/T: Daily Caller


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