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“If you’re bleeding, we’ll stop the bleeding. If you need an x-ray, you’re gonna have to wait,” 2020 presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg said in a resurfaced video.

He was speaking to a Jewish family in 2011, according to multiple reports, explaining his thoughts about the U.S. medical system.

“All of these costs keep going up, no one wants to pay any more money,” the billionaire said. “And at the rate we’re going, health care is going to bankrupt us. So not only do we have a problem, it’s gonna be … and say which things we’re gonna do and which things we’re not. No one wants to do that.”

His next comments seemed to suggest that an older patient may not be worth spending healthcare money on.

“If you show up with prostate cancer, and you’re 95 years old, we should say, ‘Go and enjoy…Lead a long life. There’s no cure, we can’t do anything,’” Bloomberg said.

“A young person, we should do something about it,” he added. “Society’s not willing to do that yet.”

Bloomberg went on to praise socialized medicine in Europe.

“If you look in Europe, we spend here about $7,000 odd dollars per person per year on health care in the United States,” Bloomberg said. “In Europe it’s about $3,300, less than half, their life expectancy 2-3 years greater.”


One online commenter described Bloomberg’s comments as “terrifying.”

Another commenter wrote, “Bloomberg has a plan for Death Panels.”

Bloomberg has blasted Obamacare, calling it “a disgrace.”

“Another resurfaced clip shows Michael Bloomberg saying society should deny medical care to the elderly to keep health care costs from ‘bankrupting us.'” — MediaResearchCenter

“Bloomberg: Deny Elderly Patients Treatment For Cancer, Europe’s Health System Good.” — The Daily Wire

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