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Former President Obama says that “rethinking the way we draw our congressional districts” is vital to American democracy in a new video released by the National Democratic Redistricting Committee (NDRC) on Wednesday.

In the video from the group, which is led by Eric Holder, Obama’s former attorney general, the former president calls the surge in first-time candidates and the move to register more voters in 2018 “inspiring.” But he says that modern technology has allowed a “party in power to precision-draw a map in a way that packs the other parties supporters into as few congressional districts as possible.”

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“It’s why your district might be shaped like a corkscrew,” Obama says. “But it’s also how a party gains more seats, while winning fewer votes. Which isn’t fair.”

He then goes on to assert that these antics have moved our political debates from the rational middle to the extreme, saying that’s why he supported Holder in creating the NDRC.

“It’s the first ever comprehensive strategy to make redistricting fairer,” Obama says, adding that the organization will fight for reforms to make maps less partisan and to elect candidates that support fair redistricting. He also says it will bring legal challenges wherever congressional lines have been drawn to “diminish your voice and your vote.”

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