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As the most reliable and balanced news aggregation service on the internet, DML News offers the following information published by DAILYCALLER.COM:

New York Congressional candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Friday characterized herself as “something of a social worker or even a therapist” to people in her district to whom President Trump’s policies have been “re-traumatizing.”

“Well, you know, in this political moment, it’s so unique and sometimes I feel like I have this job of being something of a social worker or even a therapist in my district because this period has been so re-traumatizing for so many folks and especially in a country where we do not have reliable access to health care, let alone affordable health care,” Ocasio-Cortez told MSNBC host Chris Hayes.

The article goes on to state the following:

“This has been a very difficult time for immigrants, women, survivors, people who care about the health of American democracy,” she continued. “It’s very stressful. And so that listening diffuses a lot of the tensions in our communities and it’s a form of active work beyond just legislation or beyond just policymaking, it’s really getting hands deep and our hands dirty in our communities and finding the issues that we need to solve instead of waiting for them to wash up on our door.”

Watch the full interview below:

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  1. Yup! All about free stuff isn’t it. For every person who receives something without working for it, there is someone who worked for it without receiving it.

  2. She is sad that an innocent man was unable to be framed.

    “Nazi tactics…

    First pay people to show up at Trump rallies and attack Trump followers,

    then organize teams to write fake letters (to editors and elected officials – as IF from conservatives) to make conservatives look violent or racist

    encourage University students to commit fake hate crimes – “KKK at Oberlin” lies etc

    mob conservatives speakers and shout them down when they try to speak,

    ‘burn books’ or – in our time the equivalent – use social media to take down conservative posting

    find conservatives in public – shopping, having dinner, walking.. surround them and bully them into leaving for fear of their lives…

    Yep, it’s happening here.”

    h/t GOPJ

    • Nazi, Lenin, Stalin, Mao, and Pol Pot – – – the tactics were all the same. But now, because we have so many far left and even communist “Educators”, young people haven’t been taught the tactics used by these dictators as being wrong and destructive to society so they are vulnerable to being brainwashed into thinking that disruptive and violent tactics are ok. America is in trouble as a country and unless we wake up, this nation will crash and burn as did all great nations before did.

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