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During the Coronavirus Task Force press briefing at the White House on Thursday, Defense Production Act policy coordinator Peter Navarro made one thing emphatically clear – the United States should never again be dependent on a foreign country for essential medicines and medical supplies.

“One of the things that this crisis has taught us, is that we are dangerously over dependent on a global supply chain, for our medicines, like penicillin, our medical supplies, like masks, and our medical equipment, like ventilators,” Navarro warned.

He said this crisis has underscored the truth of President Trump’s “buy American, secure borders, and a strong manufacturing base” philosophy.

“The key here is having advanced manufacturing on U.S. soil that can leap-frog other countries so we don’t have to worry about competing against cheap sweat-shop labor, lax environmental regulations, different tax regimes, and the massive subsidies of foreign governments who are actually directly attacking our industrial base,” Navarro explained.

“Never again should we depend on the rest of the world for essential medicines and countermeasures,” he vowed.

WATCH his remarks in the video below:

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