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Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) tore into President Trump Thursday after he declined the day before to commit to a peaceful transfer of power if he loses the presidential election in November.

“We want a peaceful transfer of power,” Pelosi said at a press conference when asked about Trump’s remarks. “It’s very sad that you even have to ask that question.”

The article goes on to state the following:

Trump raised eyebrows by casting doubt over whether he would peacefully relinquish his post if he were to lose this November to former Vice President Joe Biden, the Democratic presidential nominee.

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  1. That is not what he meant in any normal person knows this I wouldn’t want to step down either if there has been a tremendous amount of fraud in the elections and I have already personally seen it first-hand the last election. I received two ballots one ballot in my maiden name one ballot in my ex married name I threw away the ballot in my ex married name and return the one in my maiden name

  2. The Democrats have already said that if Trump wins there will be protesting and burning and looting. THEY have not committed to peace after the election. They are projecting again. And I am quite certain they have major fraud planned. Hillary STILL hasn’t conceded in her brain the 2016 Trump victory.

    • I believe if the democrats cheat and win there will be a civil war. I’ve been a registered democrat since the early 70’s and the democrats of today is not what I stood for. I didn’t vote for Obama because I didn’t like anything about him. I could care less what color his skin is.And I was right he will go down in history as the worst president ever. His second term I didn’t vote because I didn’t like either side. I should have voted and got the lesser corrupt one.
      I’ve never liked the tv shows Trump had or the way he talks. But I have to admit in my life time Ronald Reagan was the best President but Trump is right there with him.

      • Another thing I feel is the way the world is is scary. People are ok with abortions. Defund the police.BLM is so wrong with rioting and looting,murder. The money raised goes to some fat corrupted democrat.Show me one black family it’s helped. These liberals look like they fell out of a box of fruitier pebbles. I don’t know how these elections will turn out but Nancy Pelosi is so full of it. At the start of covid she was saying everything is peaches and cream come to China town come. Now the old witch is wanting to have mail in ballots so nobody will get sick.BS! I worked at the post office for 32 years and the carrier union is for Biden. Don’t tell me ballots want disappear or sit in a semi truck until the elections are over.
        Don’t do like I said earlier and not vote. Open your eyes and look at the democrat run states. I live in N.C. and we have that POS governor Roy Cooper. He want open our state up. What pisses me off the most is keeping schools closed.
        After seeing this Video of Pelosi I hope California comes to there senses and vote that witch out. The news want tell you the truth but a large amount of people are moving out of the state because they’re sick of how it’s run.
        People need to vote RED and shut down these corrupted democrats.
        Trump/Pence 2020! This registered democrat will be on the Trump train! ( again)!

    • What has he got to lose?…go for it…no concede until all votes verified!
      Exactly, the question is will the left concede? No, they will send in their strong arms to do the dirty work of more death and destruction!

  3. First of all a moronic question like that does not deserve a response. Secondly it is extremely sad that Pelosi the speaker of the house would even ask a question like that. Poor Nancy is suffering from a severe case of pure hate for the President of the United States. Nancy needs to understand that her unrelenting insatiable hate for the Trump administration is not normal , it is a mental health issue that she needs to address before it entirely consumes her.

  4. Why are they asking this now? Are they not jumping the gun by 4 years? They can ask that question in October 2024 when he hands the keys to the White House over to Mike Pence!!!

  5. Everyone should look this up, Palosi and the democrats should also look it up. This is why we do not trust the democratic party what so ever. Democrat operative claims he was involved in massive mail in voting fraud for decades.

  6. Everyone should look this up, Palosi and the democrats should also look it up. This is why we do not trust the democratic party what so ever.

    Democrat operative claims he was involved in massive mail in voting fraud for decades.


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