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Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi said Thursday that 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden shouldn’t debate President Donald Trump again following Tuesday’s debate performance.

Bloomberg TV’s David Westin asked Pelosi during an interview if she believes Biden should follow through and face Trump in the two remaining presidential debates. Pelosi said, “I think one and done.”

The article goes on to state the following:

“I myself did not think that Joe Biden should dignify debate with the president who has no commitment to fact, evidence, data, demeans the office he holds,” Pelosi continued. “I never thought he shouldn’t do it because I didn’t think he would do well. I thought he shouldn’t do it because I thought something like this could happen.”

“It was a sad occasion for our country, it broke my heart. I haven’t really slept five hours combined both nights since then because of what it meant for our country to have a president not commit to honoring the peaceful transition of government or condemning white supremacists,” she declared.

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  1. That from the woman who totally disrespected our country by ripping up her notes from Trump’s amazing State Of The Union address on camera!

  2. You are one to talk Nancy! You have trashed your position as Speaker. You have disrespected the President, the American people and the world. You are a slurring, old hag. No one cares what you think.

  3. That woman is a total Moron. I am so sick of hearing white supremacy I could throw up. Get a life people. Most Americans have worked hard for what they have. We didn’t just get it handed to us on a silver platter like she probably did. So let her apologize for herself.

  4. Nancy, you think Biden will loose another debate against our President Trump? You know he will. You also know Trump is going to win this election seeing all these people running away from the democratic party. We all know how you democrats cheat as well, (Omar just got caught Ballot harvesting). You people are going to be watched. We also know you people cheated in the 2016 election for Hillary, That’s why you people were sooooo shocked when President Trump won. It will be worse for you this election. Get your kleenexes and safe spaces ready. We’ll have our guns ready for your grouos, blm, antifa and white supremisists. None of them belong to us. (paid for by China and George Soros) heard how China runs their money through these terrorist groups throu to the democratic party. If this is true, its illegal. Someone should investigate this.


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