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Speaker Nancy Pelosi raised the possibility that she might become acting president if neither President Trump nor Democratic nominee Joe Biden wins enough electoral votes to declare victory in the election on or after Nov. 3.

Pelosi, a California Democrat, told reporters Thursday that she is preparing House Democrats for a potential role in determining the winner with a vote by each state delegation.

The article goes on to state the following:

But if a majority still does not emerge for either Trump or Biden, Pelosi said, “then it goes into another range where the speaker becomes the [president]. It’s complicated after that.”

WATCH as Pelosi describes the process to which she could possibly end up as the acting President of the United States. “We will be ready,” she announced.

“We hope to send a very clear message to the President on election day, ‘There ain’t no light at the end of the tunnel for you in the House of Representatives. So don’t cause chaos because you think it will lead to a light at the end of the tunnel. Because the light at the end of the tunnel in the House is going to be a train coming right at your plan,'” Pelosi declared.

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  1. To Nancy Pelosi… The first thing We the People will do is IMPEACH and then remove you from office! You are the target if you get anywhere near the Oval Office. There will be an uprising of the people the likes of which you’ve never dreamed of!

    • I totally agree Steve! We the people will NEVER give in to her revengeful, hate filled scenes! She will be impeached by the people 1st. If a winner cannot be decided then our President will have to stay put until one is! She always threw out there last week that Congress should be the ones to choose the President! What the hell crap is she on anyway! She walking on fire and will get burnt if she doesn’t leave things alone!

  2. What an egotistical, demented, delusional bitch! That’s the most convincing argument for re-electing President Trump by a landslide that I have ever heard…

  3. I learned that pretend CatholicTim Kaine of VA, was denied communion by the priest of his parish.
    The pretend Catholic Pelosi should be given the same, and even excommunicated. The country will then realize what hypocrisy lives within their auora.

  4. Yes I’ve been knowing this it’s Nancy’s plan , the Democrats has there Mail in votes , this is where the Democrats get us, they can hold up the count put trumps votes in the garbage, it’s just like before when they was doing in the impeachment, it’s take over, we will not have a vote, we will not have our freedom we will not have our country, we will be in there control, I’m telling everyone, we better be ready to fight for our country again, Nancy and the Democrats is going to over throw this country, and that’s the way it’s coming down right now, you just heard it from her own mouth,, if they won’t a war we will give them one,


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