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There was danger afoot in Botswana’s Okavango Delta. While on safari, a tourist was riding in a vehicle when he was approached by a curious young leopard—which proceeded to bite and play with his shoe. This encounter ended without serious injury or death. But experts warn that the result could have been different.

When the leopard approached the vehicle, the tracker responsible for the safety of the tourist allegedly gave the instruction to remain still, so as not to startle the animal. The leopard jumped partway into the vehicle, scratched the leg of the tourist, and pawed and bit at his shoe.

The article goes on to say:

After viewing the clip, National Geographic explorer and big cat expert Craig Packer, said, “The driver should have started the engine the instant the leopard came up to the car. Allowing the leopard to approach the guest like that was incredibly irresponsible. If the leopard starts to interact with people on a regular basis, someone is going to get hurt and the leopard will have to be destroyed.”

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