A GoFundMe page was set up Thursday to help pay bail and legal fees for people who “engage in blockades and civil disobedience” while protesting against ICE.

After two days, the group exceeded their goal of $12,000, raising a total of $12,074. The page, titled “NOT IN OUR CITY! Free our Neighbors,” says it is now no longer accepting donations.

The group admits they are the same ones who “crashed DHS Secretary Kirsten Nielsen’s Mexican dinner.”

The description of the page reads:

We need your assistance RIGHT NOW for bail and legal fees in support of Metro DC DSA Migrant Justice Working Group members engaged in blockades and other civil disobedience at ICE’s Washington Field Office.

Who are we?

The Migrant Justice Working Group has been doing monthly demonstrations outside the homes of ICE profiteers such as GEO Group’s Daniel Ragsdale, Core Civic’s (aka the Corrections Corporation of America) Jeremy Wiley, CSRA’s Lora Ries, and most recently, the truly vile former ICE director Tom Homan.

Oh, and we also infamously crashed DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen’s Mexican dinner, which got the Trump Administration to start to backtrack on the child separation policy the very next day. The rumor is true: direct action gets the goods!

What’s going on right now?

As our friends at Sanctuary DMV put it:

Three weeks ago, ICE conducted at least five raids in DC resulting in the detentions of numerous DC residents in the Columbia Heights, Mount Pleasant, Petworth, Capitol Hill, and Brightwood neighborhoods. Reports have indicated that ICE agents racially profiled and indiscriminately detained people at Sarbin Towers on 16th Street. There have also been concerning, credible reports that the Metropolitan Police Department colluded with ICE in at least one of these raids – in violation of the city’s sanctuary policies.

These raids were part of a larger ICE action called Operation Eagle’s Shield. Through Operation Eagle’s Shield, ICE has captured over 100 DC and Virginia residents.

Following the DC raids, DSA and many other immigrant rights groups took to the streets in Columbia Heights on July 16th, demanding Mayor Muriel Bowser take action to defend our city’s residents.

But thus far, the mayor has ignored our pleas. So now we are turning up the heat.

On August 2, the Metro DC Chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America’s (MDC-DSA) Migrant Justice Working Group began taking direct action to disrupt the operations of ICE’s Washington Field Office in Fairfax, VA. Our actions so far, which have included a blockade, have resulted in arrests. Our direct action is ongoing and we desperately need bail and legal defense fees to help sustain this action over the coming days.

How you can help!

We need your help to raise money for bail and legal defense fees for our brave comrades directly stopping the ICE deportation machine in its tracks and are putting pressure on the Mayor and ICE to free our neighbors.

All money donated that exceeds the bail and legal fees will be used for future MDC-DSA’s Migrant Justice Working Group actions.

Your donation will help us in our fight to keep the pressure on ICE and its network of its greedy profiteers and our elected enablers such as Mayor Bowser.

Our ultimate goal of course is to ABOLISH ICE. We believe that everyone is welcome in our city – regardless of where they may have been born, or whatever papers they may or may not possess.

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