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To follow is an important video. reports:

Confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus continue to surge across the country, with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reporting 239,279 cases of the infection as of Friday afternoon.

“What we were hearing early on is that this disease mostly affected people over the age of 60. But now, as time goes on in this country, we are starting to see more and more young people get sick and, in some cases, severely sick,” Dr. Darien Sutton, an ABC News contributor, told “Nightline.” “Although it is still disproportionately affecting older people, when we hear these cases of young people getting sick, we are still surprised.”

In the video below, Amanda Phommachanh embraces her husband, Titou Phommachanh, for the first time since he was admitted to a Virginia hospital over three weeks ago for COVID-19.

“It was the most joy I’ve ever felt. It really was. It felt like everything was whole finally again,” she told “Nightline.”


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