Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin received far from a warm welcome during his speech to UCLA students.

In a recently released video, Mnuchin was heckled and harassed by students in the audience when he was speaking at an event held by the university.

Fox News reports the following:

“UCLA released a previously withheld video on Friday that shows students hissing and near-constant heckling toward Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin during a moderated talk that quickly took an awkward turn.

The university said in a statement that Mnuchin, who at first “subsequently withdrew” his approval for the video to be posted online, later gave consent for the video to be published.

Audience members at UCLA hissed at Mnuchin nearly every time he spoke – calling out the Trump administration’s tax bill and the United States’ use of sanctions – at times, prompting a joking response from the secretary while lashing out at others.

“I normally go speak to people who want to listen to me speak,” Mnuchin cracked. “You guys get to hiss at me. I don’t get to hiss at you.”

At one point, the secretary asked an audience member who hissed at him for “a little feedback,” in which a man replied: “I think you’re bulls—t.””