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White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders sought Monday to dismiss criticism of President Trump’s use of the words “breeding concept” in a tweet last week in which he railed against  “sanctuary” laws in California that protect undocumented immigrants.

After the tweet Wednesday, Trump came under fire from immigrants rights activists and others, who accused him of using racially loaded language that seemed to equate Latinos with animals.

In the tweet, Trump claimed that there was a “Revolution” taking place in California, with citizens increasingly rejecting “sanctuary areas,” which Trump described as “this ridiculous, crime infested & breeding concept.”

The Daily Caller explained further:

[CNN’s Jim Acosta], already on his second question, asked, “Can I ask you about a tweet that the president put out last week?”

“He tweeted a lot over the weekend, but, last week, he was talking about sanctuary cities in California and, saying there was a revolution going on in California, some of these sanctuary areas want out of this ridiculous crime infested and breeding concept.”

“We haven’t had a chance to ask you about that tweet — when he used the word breeding, was he making a derogatory term about Latinos in California?” he continued. “That they breed a lot, or that they’re prone to breeding?”

Sanders batted the question aside, saying: “No, he’s talking about the problem itself growing and getting bigger,” Sanders said.

Watch the moment in the clip below.

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