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Seattle cops were filmed kneeling on the necks of two protesters as they tried to clear the city’s Capitol Hill Organized Protest zone on Thursday — just weeks after George Floyd died under the same circumstances.

In one video shared online, a dozen police officers can be seen rushing on the group of demonstrators before tackling one person to the ground and detaining them using the same kind of force which has since been condemned by police departments across the country.

The article goes on to state the following:

Protesters can be heard yelling and telling the officers to get their knee of the person’s neck.

In another clip posted to social media on July 1, people can be heard asking police to “get your knee off his neck” during an arrest.

On July 2, another interaction with police was posted to social media, and people can similarly be heard asking an officer to take their knee off a person’s neck.

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  1. Looked to me as he put no pressure on your neck with his knee. You winey law breaking boob you need to go home grow up and get a job and become contributing member of society instead the domestic terrorist you are.

  2. I watched both videos and in neither onr did I see a knee in the neck of the asshole on the ground. So you idiots really need to go home and shut the duck up

  3. In the first video, the guy can lift his head and turn it back and forth. If he can do that, no pressure is being put on his neck. It’s being put on his shoulders from what I can see.

  4. Just another liberal radical set up , staged by the terrorist protesters and the fake news news media to show our police officers In the poorest light than can , in furtherance of disbanding and defunding of our police department’s across America. Who’s kidding who it is obvious that no pressure was being applied, and who ever videotaped this crap knew it. Once again a prime example of fake staging and fake reporting of the news by the socialist left wingers ,

  5. More fake news. I didn’t see any direct pressure to the neck…sorry LIBs. More BS to get things going again. I will never spend a penny in Seattle for vacation/cruise starting points. I will fly over to Vancouver Canada. I won’t even drive thru Seattle, disgusting city doesn’t deserve any commerce!


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