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Stevie Wonder has plans to move on.

The 70-year-old music icon recently opened up for an interview with Oprah Winfrey, where he revealed that he plans to permanently relocate to Ghana, a country in western Africa.

The article goes on to state the following:

“I want to see this nation smile again and I want to see it before I leave … to move to Ghana,” the singer said in a clip published by Punch Newspapers. “Because I’m going to do that.”


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    • Oprah, Obama, Michelle, the whole Biden cabal and all the evil Democrats in WASHINGTON DC and the Rhino Republicans. I will help allu pack

  1. Well fly him around for about 8 to ten hours land him back in Hollywood and he will think he is in Africa, don’t know how he can see a nation smiling anyway, no actually just leave already take the oph with ya, don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out

    • I’ve heard he isn’t really blind??? Just acting so he could make more money??? Can’t remember who it was another black man walked by him one day and Steve said Hi to the guy and called him by name and thats how his friend found out he really wasn’t blind???

  2. Good one less idiot Less people to be conned by this person. Take Oprah with you and never come back
    America will smile again when your kindxand every democrat / rino and communist is removed.

  3. Now that’s a safe country to move to! Not! Just proves how idiotic liberals are. Again, liberals are dumb, leftists are dangerous.

  4. Love the comments ! Everything I would’ve said ! And yes please take 3/4 of HOLLYWOOD with you ! They have proven repeatedly how much they hate our constitution and our laws, how they admire ANTIFA, there is similar if not worse activities down there by the blacks on the whites that HOLLYWOOD can cheer on. Burning down white owned farms , raping the women, killing them snd the children, babies in microwaves !! It’s horrendous ! And now it seems only the blacks have preference to the vaccine over the whites so….. what’s going on in our world ?????

  5. Even a blind man can see how corrupt this F’n country is !!!!
    The filth in the Dem party is sickening !

    Trump coming back !
    CPAC this weekend !!! Watch him !!

  6. Just another rich elitist that actually believes what they do actually matters to everyone , how wrong these people are. I couldn’t care less. Take the Egotistical Obamas and Oprah with you.

  7. All of the Hollywood snowflakes that threatened to leave the country when Trump got elected never left and are all still here. This guy will not be the exception. It’s all about publicity stunts to get in the news and hoping to sell more of their albums.

  8. Great comments!
    All accurate.
    If the unholywiered “elites” would all join him THEN the country would smile so big they could see the glow from Ghana.
    Wishful thinking. They never leave because their bubbles of superior specialness don’t travel well by and large.

  9. All the Socialist Maixists can move ! They want it, get it from another country! Because they are never going to succeed here! 2 years and a change in congress isn’t long enough to succeed !

  10. C’est la vie, I can only assume that you didn’t back President Trump and you back your little cronies like Oprah and Obama. You should be somewhere else if you don’t like it here. Remember the white people got you to where you are.


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