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As the most reliable and balanced news aggregation service on the internet, DML News offers the following information published by CHICAGOTRIBUNE.COM:

Sharon Digiacomo brought her two young granddaughters to the Women’s March Chicago at Grant Park on Saturday morning to prepare the next generation of female voters and activists.

“It’s a legacy,” said Digiacomo, who traveled from Bourbonnais in Kankakee County to attend the rally and march with 12-year-old Simara and 4-year-old Gia. “They’re women, and they have to learn that they’re going to have to fight for the rest of their lives.”

The article goes on to state the following:

The air was chilly, but the sun was shining as the event kicked off around 9 a.m., with crowds starting to swell at the “Voter Village” — tents featuring advocacy groups and political candidates — along a stretch of Columbus Drive. One draw was a 20-foot “baby Trump” balloon waving in the breeze as Jay-Z’s “Show Me What You Got” pulsed throughout the park.

“People are excited,” said organizer Jessica Scheller before the event began. “These marches build a sense of community, so if you’ve been feeling disengaged, disenfranchised or disappointed by the way our government has been operating, we encourage you to come out and join us.”

Adrienne Lever of Swing Left, a grassroots organization that supports Democrats, urged members of the crowd to go beyond their comfort zones and reach out to potential voters “who need to be reminded that their voice matters.

“This march, this is just the beginning,” Lever said. “Activism doesn’t end here.”

CLICK HERE to read more from the Chicago Tribune. Below are just some of the many videos and photos posted on social media of Saturday’s huge Women’s March in Chicago, where the baby Trump balloons were one of the main features.

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  1. So what is on the agenda for helping women after the marches? I would rather stick with Women for Trump. They are more logical and want to inspire not invoke.

  2. Can any of you imagine had this happened when Obama was in office? Where were the protestors when he was releasing the terrorists from GITMO? Where were they when he basically ignored the events that took place in Benghazi that cost American lives? Where were they when he gave millions of our dollars to the Iranians? I am sick to death of the protesting that has gone on, technically nonstop since Trump took office. And what does any of this prove? They believed one woman’s foggy accusations against a sitting judge, where no one she name could corroborate her story…even after a 7th FBI background check, nothing was found. But yet here these people are who found Judge Kavanaugh guilty, regardless. What kind of justice is that? They had better be very careful, because if they feel this is the norm, than anyone accusing them could land them in the slammer………..Let’s start focusing on matters that are of some significance instead of one person who’s memory was faulty, at best.

    • Not to mention, Obama letting 100’s of drug dealers out of jail.
      No, it’s all about abortion for them, that’s all.

  3. Digiacomo needs to take her granddaughters to “Take Your Grandchildren to Work Day” and teach them how to become self-sufficient……..oh, silly me, that would entail her having a job and working for a living instead of wasting time on such irrelevant nonsense.

  4. These young women nowadays are so gullible! Stop and think, Dr. Ford is a democrat, she’s paraded up and down streets against our president. Her attorney is a democrat, she’s marched up and down streets against our president. And you are going to tell me that Dr. Ford would not say one word against a sitting judge in the second highest court for 12 years about all this. Are you dumb or what!! Oh, it was a great ACT she put on, she should go to Hollywood with all the other nut cases!! You believe everything you’re told or paid to believe. SAD!!! Wake up before you lose your country ladies. These dems don’t care about you, they are USING you. STUPID!!!

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