Rescuers saved a 3-year-old Pennsylvania boy on Saturday after he fell into a 10-foot-deep manure pit that was described as “kind of like quicksand.”

Around 6:30 p.m. on Saturday, emergency crews received a 911 call from a farm in Honey Brook Township, approximately 48 miles west of Philadelphia. The caller reported that a child had fallen into the manure pit, which was located inside a large barn that housed cows.

“We were unable to get to him because of the thickness of the manure,” Honey Brook Fire County Deputy Chief Jake Bailey told WPVI. “We pulled back out to focus on ventilation.” Rescuers were also hampered by heavy rain.

According to Bailey, rescuers encouraged the boy to remain still to prevent him from sinking deeper into the manure.

“His whole body was sitting on the manure, so he was completely above the manure, but if he had moved around a lot, it would’ve been a different story,” Bailey said. “The manure is kind of like a quicksand, the more you move, the more you sink.”

To reach the boy, two rescuers, wearing dry suits and rope harnesses, went down into the pit using tag lines.

“The entry team quickly reached the victim, removed him from the manure and placed him in a stokes basket. He was removed to the outside and decontaminated and assessed by waiting EMS,” according to the Chester County Rescue Task Force.

The boy was conscious and crying when he was removed from the pit. Authorities reported no injuries to the child.