(VIDEO) TRUMP at 33 yrs old tells MSNBC what life is all about

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One of Donald Trump’s first interviews on television was with MSNBC, a network he now calls out on a daily basis for sharing fake news about him.

Just 33 years old at the time, Trump was interviewed by legendary news anchor, Tom Brokaw.  The conversation was about Trump’s recent real estate purchases in Manhattan, and the possibility of buying the Twin Towers.

At the end of the interview, Brokaw asks Trump, “What’s next in your life, you’re 33 years old, you’re worth all this money…?”  Trump responds, “I just want to keep busy, be active, and be interested in what I do. And that’s all there is to life as far as I am concerned.”

Who would have guessed at the time that keeping active meant being the President of the United States.

Watch the video:


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