As President Trump was speaking at a rally in Lewis Center, Ohio Saturday evening, he began to visibly perspire, and commented about how hot it was in the building.

Prior to him coming on stage, Associated Press reporter Jonathan Lemire tweeted that “The A/C has failed and it is sweltering in here.”

During the speech, Lemire tweeted again, “The White House press pool is melting.”

Midway through his speech, Trump stopped and remarked, “And even though it’s 110 degrees in this crazy room…. if you can take it, I can take it!”

“In all fairness to the HVAC engineers and contractors, this room wasn’t designed for this,” Trump said.

“If anybody wants to leave, leave! There’s a lot of people out there wanting to get in,” he quipped. “Here’s the good news, you walk out and loose about 10 pounds – that beats going to a gym,” he added.

“So much for my new beautiful suit,” Trump said, to cheers.

The video below is set to begin at the moment Trump made his remarks about the heat.