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Dennis Michael Lynch (DML), founder of DML News App and, discussed President Donald J. Trump’s reaction to the bombing by Iran of US military-linked sites in Iran.

After an attack against the US in Iraq late Tuesday night, President Donald J. Trump gave a speech in which he:

  • signaled an openness to diplomacy with Iran;
  • seemed to indicate there would be no immediate military escalation in response to the attack;
  • called for the civilized world to send a clear, unified message to Iran: that their campaign of terror, murder, mayhem will not be tolerated any longer (“For far too long, nations have tolerated Iran’s destructive behavior. Those days are over”);
  • announced will the administration will impose “powerful sanctions” on Iran, to remain in place until the regime changes its behavior;
  • called for Iran to abandon its nuclear ambitions: “Iran can be a great country, but peace and stability cannot prevail in the Middle East as long as Iran continues to promote violence, unrest, hatred and war.”

DML said that he completely trusts Trump, and understands that Trump has information that the general public does not have. That being said, assuming there was a viable option for a military response,  he’s disappointed as he was hoping for a different response. He also doubts the effectiveness of new sanctions.

“Iran is never going to stop,” DML said. “Economic sanctions are not going to stop them. All this does is buy them more time.”

“I don’t care who the president is,” DML continued. “Iran is never going to stop trying to find a way to destroy Israel and to destroy the United States.”

DML said Iran duped the US before when they told former President Barrack Obama that they don’t want a nuclear weapon, and that negotiation was likely futile. The country is more motivated by ideology than money, he explained.

“I support the president in hoping that he has an unbelievable policy in place, ” DML said. “But we gave them $150B, and what did they do with that? Did they build new roads? Did they build new education centers? Did they build a new facility to tackle cancer? No. They went out and bought missiles.”

“You can’t trust Iran,” DML said.

DML says he has a theory about what Trump was told about Iran and moving forward with an attack. WATCH:

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