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Two people in Martinez, Calif., spent part of Independence Day on Saturday painting over a recently-created mural reading “Black Lives Matter,” local media report.

According to NBC Bay Area, the mural was painted on a street in front of a local courthouse earlier on Saturday after activists had the project green-lit by city officials.

The article goes on to state the following:

In footage, a woman wearing a [shirt] with an American flag designed in the shape of a heart can be seen painting black over the mural while a man in a “Four More Years” shirt stands by her, recording and yelling at upset people nearby.

“Don’t have a run in with a law and don’t resist arrest, it won’t be a problem,” the man can be heard saying in the video.

“I expected something to happen, but when I saw this, I got a little excited and tried to make sure and get it in and film everything that happened,” a witness to the incident said to The Hill.


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  1. Its coming this & more wtf do u expect when all this crap gets shoved down our throats?! More need to be strong like them!! WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH!!!!

  2. For the people pissing and morning, go to Chicago and march in protest about “Black Lives Matter”. Black Americans are shot and killed DAILY in Chicago. You don’t hear anyone complaining. BLM is not in Chicago. Only in cities where people have problems with police.


  3. I see the people complaining don’t believe all lives matter. When is the President going to do something when blacks are attacking elder white people, mothers and kids ? I’m personally sick of it.

    • What are the Governors and mayors in charge of their areas doing is the question here? Anytime the President tries to step in all he’ll breaks lose from this jokers because it’s THEIR States!

  4. Love it! We ALL need to stand up and take our country back. And if I hadn’t had this email address for so long I would change it. I am soooo done with all sports! Especially LeBron who is from my town. Good riddance! Now I have so much spare time and I’m loving it!

  5. Well myself personally, I would’ve just painted over the word BLACK and put the word ALL in its place…because all lives matter! PLAIN AND SIMPLE


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