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Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin called on members of the military to share their experiences with extremism in a 60-day push aimed at reducing the scourge in the ranks.

“We need your help,” Austin said during a five-minute training message while standing at the Pentagon press room podium.

The article goes on to state the following:

“I’m talking, of course, about extremism and extremist ideology — views and conduct that run counter to everything that we believe in and which can actually tear at the fabric of who we are as an institution,” he said.

Since the Capitol riots on Jan. 6 there have been several arrested that are listed as active-duty service members and veterans. With this in mind, Austin has insisted on leadership to engage in one-day listening sessions during the 60 day endeavor.

Throughout the world some units started these sessions while others waited for more training. The training video released last week will be a great start for the discussion sessions.

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said on Monday, “Nobody’s debating whether it is or isn’t an issue. What we don’t know is the extent of it. And what we don’t know is exactly and how best to go about eradicating that and the behavior that it inspires.”

Sec. Austin tweeted last Friday, “Extremism in the military is an issue I’m fully committed to addressing with real action. But as we examine it, I want our service men and women to know I truly believe 99.9% of them are doing things the right way, upholding the oath, and making our country proud every day.”

Watch the video in full below:

To get more information about this article, please visit WASHINGTONEXAMINER.COM.

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  1. And this is why the military wont save us.
    We are on our own😪 idk if we can save America or not. I can only hope we never give up.

  2. Because they can’t have people who joined the military in honor of freedom and a willingness to sacrifice for this country…smh. Gonna have servicemembers spying on each other…..yeah, 🙄, that promotes unity and team spirit. Strange that love of country and all races, and a willingness to die for them is considered extremely… Seriously, this admin is evil!!!!

    • Note he never defined what he’s addressing as extremism .because if he did he’d be defining their oath . What he’s skirting is that those who are convinced as I am this is not a legitimate government by any stretch of the imagination- are to be censured, removed as extremists when in all likelihood they would be seen as patriots by the definition intended by the founders. This government IS both the domestic AND foreign enemy our founders supplied us the second amendment for.
      They’re indoctrinating and/or culling the ranks of the military to remove the very people who would serve the Constitution.

  3. Still waiting on the definition of extremism, thank God I’m not holding my breath.

    Grow a set balls and tell everyone that extremism is when a service member’s beliefs do not align with the socialist, SJW, America last, globalist agenda. This way we all know where we stand.

    I no longer trust our military under this administration. I myself am a Marine and Army vet. It was the last institution in our society not completely over run and corrupted by the left.

  4. It’s only an issue if it involves Trump supporters or constitutional conservatives…….remember back in the “day” when you could not call a person who attacked military folks a terrorist when they were an actual terrorist………….we are truly hosed as a nation. Who knows where this clown is going with his agenda

  5. These are exciting times!!! Creating trust issues in the ranks of the military will certainly spell disaster. We send citizens to boot camp so they can learn to trust their fellow citizens and work together with them to conquer challenges. Then they graduate as soldiers ready for battle.

    Now we will destroy the trust that boot camp worked to build. I fear this will have grave repercussions in our armed forces.

    We should all be scared as hell that our current regime is trying to groom a military loyal to only them. The military is loyal to the people, that is why they pledge an oath to uphold the Constitution. Once the military doesn’t protect the Constitution we are really fu-ked.

  6. This Obama/Soros/Biden puppet stirring racial division and hate in last line of defense or Military ,, drew this communist a$$ hole !!


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