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CNN chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta was shouted down by a White House aide on Monday as he rattled off questions to President Trump about allegations of collusion between his campaign and Russia.

“Make your way out. Let’s go. Move, Jim, let’s go. Keep going, Jim, let’s go. Jim, we’re leaving. Come on, Jim. Go. We’re done,” the aide can be heard yelling.

The article goes on to state the following:

As she shouts, Acosta continues to try to ask the president about why his attorney Rudy Giuliani has repeatedly asserted that collusion is not a crime, despite Trump’s own claims that there was no coordination between his campaign and Moscow.

Acosta’s question and the White House aide’s effort to hustle him out of the room came as Trump wrapped up a photo opportunity with Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte ahead of a meeting.

In the following video, President Trump’s expression while the shouting was occurring can be seen, starting at the 1:25 minute mark.

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  1. That Jim Acosta has not respect for the President. He shouts like he is at the farmers market. Good they escorted him out. There are so many good news happening right now, but CNN is fixed it on the Russian Collusion . We are sick and tired of this circus.

  2. I think the press acts like entitled spoiled children – they should be gracious and not yell and be so aggressive – questions appropriate for the subject in this case Italy relations and save other questions for appropriate time – sickening how they behave

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