VIDEO: White House laughs about reporter’s ‘clever‘ indictment question indicted person to run for office

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White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre had a good laugh Tuesday after one reporter asked her whether President Biden believed it was “appropriate for a person who is indicted to run for office.”

The question was posed by CNN reporter MJ Lee during the daily White House press briefing in a clear reference to former President Donald Trump, who is facing a possible indictment from a Manhattan grand jury concerning his alleged 2016 hush money scandal involving porn star Stormy Daniels.

“So, nice way to ask MJ. Very clever,” Jean-Pierre said as she laughed following the question, before declining to answer.

“So, I’m going to be, again, really careful from here as it relates to any upcoming elections. Specifically, I’m assuming you’re talking about the 2024 election. I’m just not going to give any analysis, any foresight, any type of decision or thoughts on that because we are covered by the Hatch Act. So, I’m not going to speak to politics, and I’m just going to leave it there,” she added.


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  1. Still waiting for the indictment,conviction and hanging for treason of the entire Biden crime family.Throw China Mitch and a bunch more in with them

  2. She should be really careful because if they get Trump for it, then they’ve got Biden for extortion. He refused to give Ukraine OUR Morgan net unless they fired the prosecutor. And he’s MORE guilty because it was OUR MONEY, not his own.

  3. She never gives any thoughts to anything she says. What else is new? Does anyone on here actually think she has a thought? And she wouldn’t dare speak about politics either. SMH


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