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A Toronto, Canada woman is fighting back, after she was refused treatment by her local hospital last week because she wasn’t wearing a face mask. A video of the incident, posted on Twitter last Saturday by Letitia Montana, is going viral, with over 6 million views as of Friday.

Montana, whose Twitter account lists her as an insurance and investment advisor, wealth strategist, and real estate investor, argues that face masks are not only ineffective in fighting COVID-19, but says science has already stated that they “compromise your health.”

“Went into the Emergency Dept. at St Joseph’s Hospital in #Toronto for a suspected broken finger. I was asked to wear a mask, which I refused to do. As a result, hospital staff asked me to leave and immediately called 3 security guards to escort me out,” she tweeted.

In the 30-second video clip posted by Montana, hospital workers at St. Joseph’s Health Centre are heard telling her she has to wear a mask if she wants treatment. It is also implied that she is not allowed to take a video inside the hospital.

Montana asks, “I’m not allowed to video, but you’re making me wear a mask, otherwise you’re going to deny me service if I don’t wear a mask?” WATCH the now-viral video below:

After her video began to go viral, Montana said she was flooded with over 4,000 messages. In one post, she responds, “How easy it is for some of you to judge! The few times I put a mask on I could hardly breathe especially with the hot summer heat. This has lead me to do research on them & what I learned from the science is that they do compromise your health in more ways than one.”

“I will not endanger my own life or that of my son to comply to the demands of some politicians,” Montana wrote.

Rebel News reporter David Menzies interviewed Montana about the incident this week. Watch below:

Montana participated in a march with a group of protesters in downtown Toronto on Tuesday, as they voiced their objections to the face mask requirements, chanting “hugs over masks” and “back to normal.”

The protest was held on the same day that the Ontario government announced it was now mandatory to wear face masks in all indoor public spaces.

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    • I commend her for standing her ground. If u want to ignore scientific facts and wear a mask go at it! It’s ur body. She is an adult who is responsible for her own health and said no! I would sue too! I hope she wins! I’d donate to a go fund me for her!!

      • I agree, since when does the government tell anyone how they should take care of themselves. I don’t care if this is a pandemic, that is her right to chose how she wants to live it.

  1. She is correct, but the steeple don’t believe facts, they just listen to the politicians and the so called experts on their staff…..anything for control.


  2. I for one believe her. I don’t wear a mask. Everyone thinks because I’m on oxygen I should wear a mask that the oxygen I’m using should be enough for me. But it’s not true. I’m restricting my oxygen intake by wearing a mask because I’m breathing in all that carbon dioxide that I’ve exhaled instead of the oxygen in the air that I need. When my oxygen stats go below 90 I’m putting a strain on my heart and other internal organs. So stop judging people who aren’t wearing a mask.

  3. First the WHO tells us that there is no human to human transmission. then they say that there is no “asymptomatic” transmission. What is “asymptomatic”? Just the sniffles? A little out of breath? Still alive? Is there some “Social Justice” right to pass this disease to as many people a possible if you “feel OK”? This woman with the possibly “broken finger” thinks she can waltz around in a hospitable full of AT RISK people (like me) because she “feels OK”. The compromised people’s only crime is still being alive and causing minor discomfort to “health privileged” folks by having to wear a “slow the spread” mask in the facility. This disease is BAAAD! The greatest number of cases and deaths since the “Spanish Flu”!

  4. I don t wear a mask not letting government tell me what to do my grandkid has a ballgame guess I will stay home have to wear one. They interfere enough in our business.

  5. I have asthma and I have tried mask walking around my house while doing simple duties for 30 minutes. My oxgen levels drop below 90 each time and it takes me the rest of the day to recover. The cloth mask are better then the medical mask but for very short time. Otherwise, I can’t wear one to long. I usually only do quick in and out and do not go to hospitals or doctors except my kids peds office. It should be the right of the individual not the elites demands on free America. If you think mask help you the your free to choose. Don’t judge those who have medical problems like asthma that prevents them from safely wearing mask. Its your right to wear one just as it is my right for medical not to.


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