VIDEO: Women Get In Huge Brawl At Walmart Before Hurricane

Shopping for groceries ahead of Hurricane Matthew turned into a knock-down drag-out at one Walmart in South Florida.

The hurricane may have been approaching Florida, but one has already taken place inside this Walmart store.

Two women pulled each others’ hair, pushed and punched and threw cans, turning the store into a screaming madhouse.   The taller women then took her grocery cart and rammed the other into a produce display.

The Miami Herald reported that the brawl occurred at the Walmart in Miami Gardens, at 19501 NW 27th Avenue.  An employee at the store said “no one was injured” and the police were not called.

Some reports on Facebook claim the fight was over the last case of water, but the Walmart employee said it actually started when someone cut in line in the check-out lane.

At one point there is a “wardrobe malfunction.”   See 3 videos below to catch all the action.


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