VIDEOS: Journalist irked over stunt that has celebrities flocking to White House

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WASHINGTON — The White House press room’s descent into chaos after the cast of “Ted Lasso” was trotted out to do a stunt appearance before the daily briefing was just the latest in a series of celebrity cameos orchestrated by President Biden’s aides that have at times irked reporters.

A heckling journalist accused Biden’s staff of making a “mockery of the First Amendment” Monday as the White House hosted the cast of the feel-good Apple TV+ show at the start of the daily briefing

While it’s common for presidents to host celebrities to boost their popularity or to underscore policy priorities, Biden aides often dispatch them to address the press in the briefing room as well, creating soft-news spectacles that dwarf any story that may then emerge from reporters questioning officials.

On Monday afternoon, an actor who plays a journalist on “Ted Lasso” asked the first question of the press briefing, directed at actor Jason Sudeikis.

Journalist Simon Ateba of Today News Africa, who has stated repeatedly that his questions are not allowed during the briefings, yelled to press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre that she was was “making a mockery of the First Amendment” as the actors stood awkwardly behind the podium.

Ateba later tweeted about a Rolling Stones article on the incident. He wrote, “I disagree with many characterizations in @RollingStone article. It was never my wish to become the story and be talked about by the entire United States and the world, I just want to do my job, ask key questions, afflict the comfortable and comfort the afflicted, not collude with them to afflict the poor and the powerless. May God help us!”

Ateba went on to address other stories about the incident.

“Well, I had loved reading some stories in @Newsweek but I disagree with some aspects in this story. The real chaos is the assault on the First Amendment, not celebrating movie stars, what about the everyday American people? Do you understand why people,” he tweeted.

“ I disagree with the headline in the @Independent and also disagree with some insinuations in the story. I never wanted to be the story. That’s why I sit there for 7 months, attend more press briefings than anyone in the room, every day. My job is to ask.”

“The Daily Mail top story. But it was not my intention to derail any briefing! It’s a shame how they are discriminating against me. This is worse than racism.”

“Well, I disagree with the name of our publication in the @DailyCaller story, and I do not totally agree with everything in the story. I’m just trying to do my job. Let’s do our job. Let’s ask the questions and get the answers that the real American people.”

Several other celebrities have made their way to the White house for various reasons, including pop star Olivia Rodrigo, Korean boy band BTS, actor Matthew McConaughey, and singer Cindy Lauper.

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  1. It’s time for the republicans Congress to get this impeachment started where three months in ain’t herd a thing that’s all I heard during the election let’s roll this stupid POS out on his old dumb ass time to go Bidens

  2. Our country is falling apart and Biden decides to bring Hollywood celebs in to talk about mental health. Biden will do anything to bring a distraction to his ineptness. Then we have The Binder” who can’t answer questions unless she finds something in her binder. She ignors, talks over or down too anyone who asks a serious question. I hope our country can survive this administration.

  3. Truly an embarrassment to have a White House briefing featured by celebrities. The WH briefing is supposed to answer questions that matter to citizens. This is a joke, they don’t answer anything anymore. It’s either side stepping important issues, ignoring questions or flat out propaganda. The WH press briefing has become the second biggest joke in America. The first being Joe Biden. God save the USA!

  4. Thr demorat party….All about pandering to thr hollyweirds and the party, no concern about real Hardworking, taxpaying Americans.Absolutely sickening!

  5. Only the demoidiots watch these clown show . For one all she does is look and turn pages in that book she carries around . Then talks BS because she is clueless of any topic.

    While the Russians and China are meeting this village idiot has a meeting with Hollywierd idiots that want to talk mental Health? Give me a break .
    Biden family is just white trash.


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