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A Muslim man screaming ‘Allah Akbar’ ran through the streets of Sydney, Australia Tuesday after stabbing people randomly.

The scene caught on camera shows pedestrians restraining the man with chairs and a milk crate.

The Islamic radical is suspected of killing a woman and wounding another in his attacks. He is currently under arrest.

Watch amazing videos below.

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  1. He’s screaming Alla Akbar, yet they aren’t calling it an act of terrorism!
    Why is it when a white guy kills people, it’s a hate crime or domestic terrorism?
    A black guy kills and he’s “a good boy”?
    A Muslim fanatic kills and he’s mentally ill?

    I’m asking President Trump to put white people on the “endangered species “ list!

  2. The Dems will just use this as a 2nd Amendment argument – “ban guns but give everyone a chair and a milkcrate to protect themselves”

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