Violent Anti-Trump Protests Fueled By Ads Offering Cash To Protesters


A massive anti-Trump protest in Indianapolis Saturday night that turned violent and ugly is suspected to have been fueled by online ads on Craigslist which was recruiting and offering payment to the protesters.

The chants among demonstrators in Indianapolis turned from “Love Trumps Hate” to “Kill The Police”, and resulted in two police officers being injured and seven people arrested.

Police say four of the people arrested were from out of town.

Organizers of the protest claimed they have no idea who the out-of-town protesters were or where they came from, and believe they just infiltrated their march.

Ads were found on Craigslist offering to pay people $15 to $18 per hour, and up to 77 hours per week, including gas reimbursement to drivers.  Many of the ads appeared during the campaign, recruiting protesters for Trump rallies, but officials are now looking into the Craigslist ads even more seriously.

Kim Saylor, organizer for the Indianapolis protest, claims she’s not getting paid.    She also alleged that some of the protesters were wearing Trump/Pence shirts.

Fox59 News reported that the Indianapolis Police Department will be monitoring social media for online plans of anti-Trump rallies.




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