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Pittsburgh police are asking for help in learning the details of a beating which took place Friday in a pizza shop. Viral video posted on Facebook Friday night shows an employee, presumably the owner, of Pizza Milano on 5th Avenue in Pittsburgh’s Uptown neighborhood, viciously beating a woman as an onlooker records the whole thing.

In the video, the man and the woman are standing near the door. The man repeatedly tells the woman to leave the restaurant. When she attempts to walk further inside, he grabs her arm, pushes her against the door frame, then appears to headbutt her before tackling her to the ground, crashing into a table and chairs.

According to a report in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Zone 2 police detectives are investigating the altercation:

“Listen, you gotta go,” the employee says, for reasons that are not clear in the video. As he tells her to leave, he pushes the woman. She says repeatedly, “Push me again,” and drops something, then bends to pick it up.

As she stands up and walks by him, the man grabs her arm, pulls her back, then pins her to the wall, shouting, “I said please!” pushing her to the ground and slamming her head against the floor as he continues to shout, “I said please!” The woman is silent as he assaults her. As it continues, the video captures customers shouts and protests, with kitchen staff running into the dining room to assist. The assaulter then shouts repeatedly, “Why you not gonna listen to me?”

The female victim, who has not been charged, reportedly went to the hospital hours after the incident, where police were called to take a report, states a memorandum from The City of Pittsburgh.

Since last night, the video, which was posted by Pittsburgh resident Bria Scott (see below), has garnered close to 200,000 views. Scott told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review that she did not record the video and was not at the restaurant when the assault happened. She copied the original video from a friend, who has since deleted it, she said.

“I didn’t think it was going to be blown up to this capacity. I think it’s blown up so much because it is a popular restaurant,” said Scott, who goes by “Bria Janae” on Facebook.

She said she doesn’t know what the argument was about, or what happened before the camera started rolling, but she knows what she saw. “It really doesn’t seem like she put her hands on him, so that’s what I think is wrong, because he’s a man,” she said. “The man was just completely wrong. He could have called the cops and got her removed.”

The telephone line at the pizza shop has been continuously busy, according to the Post-Gazette.

The police have requested calls and visits from those who have information about the altercation to call or visit Zone 2 at (412) 255-2827 or 2000 Centre Avenue or the Zone 2 Substation at 600 Liberty Avenue.

Social media users are calling for a ban of the restaurant.



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