Virginia Judge Issues Injunction on Trump’s Travel Ban

Another U.S. District Court judge has issued an injunction to halt the already halted Trump travel ban, but unlike the last injunction by the U.S. 9th Circuit Court which was applied nationwide, this one concerns the citizens of Virginia only.

Judge Leonie Brinkema, a Virginia District Court judge, issued the ruling, which applies to people living in the commonwealth of Virginia and includes all students attending universities there.

The judge’s logic behind the injunction was her opinion that the order violates First Amendment protections against freedom of religion.

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Judge Brinkema said in her opinion that the commonwealth “has produced unrebutted evidence” that the order “was not motivated by rational national security concerns” but “religious prejudice” toward Muslims. The ‘Muslim Ban’ was a centerpiece of the president’s campaign for months, and the press release calling for it was still available on his website as of the day this Memorandum Opinion is being entered.”

H/T: The Hill


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