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Southeast Asia experienced a major scare when the Philippines announced that their notorious volcano erupted Monday morning.

The volcano, located at Mount Mayon, produced loads of molten lava and ashy smoke over the islands following its unprecedented eruption.

Fox News reports the following:

“The Philippines’ most-active volcano explosion Monday, sending a huge plume of gray ash, steam and lava fragments into the sky and prompting officials to warn that a major eruption may be imminent.

Superheated lava, molten rocks and steam cascaded down Mount Mayon and covered nearby villages in darkness, said Renato Solidum, an official with the Philippine Institute of Seismology and Volcanology.

The explosion forced authorities to raise the alert level to four on a scale of five. The increase means an explosive eruption could be possible within hours or days.

“If the eruption is vertical, it’s possible pyroclastic flows or pyroclastic density currents may cascade down in all directions,” Soldium said, adding that villagers and tourists should stay away from the volcano.”

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