James O’Keefe has made a name for himself using undercover cameras and ambush style techniques to capture events at the most purest of moments.  On Tuesday, O’Keefe published to YouTube his newest video focusing on voter fraud.

O’Keefe’s videos often make headlines on conservative websites, and the Left has accused him of using “creative editing” to push a false narrative in the past, but in his new video appears very straight forward and speaks the truth, which is: ‘Voter fraud is alive and well.’

In his new undercover video, O’Keefe who is dressed like the famous rap-artist Eminem, enters a voting facility somewhere in Michigan and attempts to vote as Eminem.

As seen in the video, O’Keefe walks up to the voter sign-in station and presents himself using Eminem’s real name.   Immediately, he is asked for photo ID.   He replies, “I forgot my ID at work, can I still vote?”  He is told, ‘yes.’

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