Voter Fraud Uncovered That Helped Elect Obama

A video of a Fox News report on illegal immigration uncovers some shocking, jaw-dropping evidence of just what a difference voter fraud actually does make – all the way to the White House.

Faked absentee ballots in Troy, New York were used to literally steal elections.  In Kentucky, 20 public officials stole elections by buying votes, spending $400,000 to buy 8,000 votes over several elections.

Evidence uncovered every kind of voter fraud, from illegal voting to tampering with voting machines, adding fake votes, individuals voting more than once and voting by non-US citizens.  In Philadelphia, some areas received more votes than there were registered voters.

But in the most shocking discovery of all, three years after Obama was elected in 2008, voter fraud was discovered that actually helped put Barack Obama on the ballot.   Enough fake signatures were entered on petitions in Indiana that allowed Obama’s name to be on the ballot in Indiana.   Authorities said he would not have even qualified to be on the ballot in Indiana if not for the fake signatures.



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