Wal-Mart Employee Attempts to Kill Co-workers

Authorities say Ebonice Johnson, returned to her work after a dispute in an attempt to kill her coworkers and then herself via suicide by law enforcement.

The 24 year old employee was said to have been involved in an argument with several coworkers at a Prescott, Arizona Wal-Mart store earlier in the day before smashing a cash register and leaving the store.


After leaving a note on her computer indicating that she wanted to kill her coworkers and then commit suicide, Johnson headed to the Wal-Mart with a .22 caliber rifle, a knife and a torch.

Once in the store’s parking lot, Johnson attempted to load the rifle, but was unsuccessful. Becoming frustrated, she discarded the rifle and armed herself with the knife.  After losing the knife in the dark, the suspect attempt to light the building on fire.

Concerned customers saw Johnson with a gun and alerted the store manager, who then contacted law enforcement regarding the situation.

Ebonice Johnson was placed under arrest and booked into the Yavapai County Jail on four counts of attempted homicide, arson of an occupied structure and weapons misconduct. All of the listed offenses being felonies.

H/T: ABC15 Arizona


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