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A new movement is taking shape on social media.  It’s called the #WalkAway campaign and it was started earlier this summer.  It’s made up of Democrats urging other Democrats to leave the Democratic Party.

One of the more interesting #WalkAway posts comes from a female who says she transformed from a liberal to a conservative after realizing the Democrats were pushing hate and violence, and giving away money to foreign nations while Americans suffered.

Originally an Obama and Hillary supporter, Brittany says she came to realize that Obama was more interested in being a celebrity than a president, and she shunned the national hate towards Trump that came in tow with Hillary’s candidacy.

Her open letter, which was posted on Facebook, expresses why she believes Democrats should #WalkAway.

LETTER urging Democrats to Walk Away:
“I always considered myself a Democrat because while I am a Christian woman, I have a lot of liberal views on LGBT rights.

It’s not my place to judge and I don’t think it’s the governments place to tell you how to live. 

I know on my judgment day that I will not be judged on political beliefs, but how I chose to treat people.

Because of the my more liberal and open views, and the notion that Republicans are against happiness for all unless you are straight, white and rich, I was a proud Democrat.

When Obama started campaigning, I was there for it. I thought to myself, “Finally! Someone who can make a change.”  And then over the next eight years, I found myself saying, “That’s not right” and “Where’s the change?”.

When he made the presidency more about becoming a celebrity, and looking out for his best interests, and letting this country suffer, I knew that he wasn’t the man to change anything. So when Hillary announced her candidacy, I thought “Yes! She’s compassionate and can see that we’re struggling and she can pull us out!” And then Donald J Trump was the Republican candidate. And then the hate, and the name calling from the Left and all the threats to Conservatives started. And then, I started doing my research. And realized the Democrats started more of the racial divide and white supremacy than any Republican ever had.

I saw how our vets are treated. Homeless veterans should not be a thing. And no one talked about it. Trump did.

The Democratic Party is not for America, but they are for taking from us and giving it to the rest of the world.

I am the oldest of four kids, and the only Republican. I can’t go to holidays without being insulted by my own siblings.

I waited in line for three hours to vote for President Trump. And was harassed by Democrat protesters as I was walking out.

I’m terrified to post anything in support of my president. I’m horrified at the things I have been called. I am scared to death to announce to the world that I am a conservative, anti-feminist, Christian Republican. But here I am. I’m a right winger for life. #walkaway

— Britney 

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